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Rajadhani School was established in 1988, spearheaded by eminent philanthropist, Makkapatti Chandashekhar Rao. The intention of this progressive English medium day-plus-residential school was to inculcate a value system and culture in students to develop them into academically successful individuals who show great empathy.

The school is located at Nizampet, 3 kms away from the Bombay national highway opposite the JNTU campus. The campus offers 4 acres of spacious and picturesque natural surroundings conducive for the development of both body and mind. The lovely panoramic view of the school calms down the individual and takes one to blissful meditative mood. It is totally free from the environment pollution. The foundation stone was laid by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on 9th May , 1988.


Rajadhani School is a full-fledged educational establishment, under the CBSC board, offering schooling options for day, residential and weekend scholars. It is located on a spacious 3 acre property surrounded by natural beauty, away from the city’s pollution and hustle bustle. With a rich legacy spanning almost 30 years, it is one of Hyderabad’s oldest and most respected schools.

The on-campus and classroom environment is serene and conducive to learning. Our aim is to provide clutter free premises that minimise distraction giving each student the space to enrich his/her mind.

Rajadhani school is synonymous with deriving the best out of a sound cultural base and infusing it with modern educational techniques for today’s children. With the recent revamp and upgrading of in-school facilities and amenities, Rajadhani School is equipped to create the new breed of global leaders.

Physical Size

Campus Area (in Sq. Mtrs) 8984.021208
(in Acress.) 2.22
Built up Area in (in Sq. Mtrs0 1574
Area of Play ground (in Sq. Mtrs) 927
Sanitory Conditions Clean
Drinking water Purified
Fire safety of school Yes
Library Facilities Yes
Total No of Books 4500

Infrastructure Details

Room Number Size(length,breadth in sq. Mtrs)
Composite Science Lab 0 0
Physics Lab 1 23.3 X 25.10
Chemistry Lab 1 23.3 X 25.10
Biology Lab 1 23.3 X 25.10
Maths Lab 1 20.11 X 24.10
Computer Science Lab 1 20.11 X 25.4
Home Science Lab 0 0
Library 1 21.5 X 25
Class Room 13 188.51 X 166.24
The past 28 years have constituted an experiential journey of discovery, change, the overcoming of obstacles and jubilation. Our aim to impart value based education to contribute towards building a strong foundation for our country’s youth, taught us a lot more than we expected it would.

One important teaching that has emerged from the experience is the need to re-invent and evolve with the changing times. The essential component is to be able to do this, while maintaining the solid value systems our traditions and culture is built on.

It is with this approach that we present to you the fresh avatar of Sree Rajadhani Residential School.

In this dynamic Technology, Communication and Travel driven world, we acknowledge and adopt the crucial machinery that is boosting New Age Achievers to the pinnacle of their success. Combining the traditional wisdom of Gurukulasramam with valuable inspiration from leading academic institutes in India and abroad, Rajadhani School has revamped its facilities and offerings to cater to present day academic needs of the modern, eclectic student base in our country.

We invite you to witness the enhanced Rajadhani brand, curriculum, faculty, amenities and energy for yourself. Let us, together, mould and equip our children to master and rise in any career path that they choose.

Sree Rajadhani Residential School welcomes you…

I am excited to be a part of the new wave at Rajadhani Residential School!

Our enthusiastic management team and staff have worked together with numerous professionals in the fields of Branding, Training and Development to understand the requirements of the current and future student populace, in order to meet these at every level.

No aspect of a student’s overall development has been overlooked, as you will see from our all rounder program facilities. Whether it’s our digital classrooms, state of the art computer and science labs, efficient security systems or our widened range of activities and clubs, it is only the benefit of the student that has been the driving force of all change.

At Rajadhani School, we aim to fulfil all kinds of educational, personal and professional coaching needs of our students. Apart from a robust curriculum for children of all ages, we have also introduced tie ups with The British Council and have introduced numerous courses and certifications for adults.

We believe that every child possesses genius potential. Yes! Each and every child.

It’s just a matter of identifying, training and encouraging it at the right time with the correct guidance.

Our primary focus therefore is to offer individual attention to each one of our students, in an attempt to hone his/her personal skill set and talent. We believe that academic prowess teamed with excellence in sports, creative arts, language and spiritual growth are the building blocks towards the comprehensive development of all young individuals.

I wish to offer you the opportunity to help us identify your child’s innate abilities to be able to contribute towards his/her excellence in life.

S.no Teacher Name Qualification Designation Teaching Expererience/classes assigned Status
1 Kosaraju Sarala MA Hindi, B.ED, MA English, PGDHRM, CIDTT Principal Hindi, Social, English – 28 yrs PGT
2 Dr. Vanaja Laxmi BHMS,MA English (B.ED) Counsellor 5 – yrs TGT
3 Aparna M.A, (B.Ed) Teacher English VI to X TGT
4 Supriya B.A, B.Ed Teacher Social Science VI to X TGT
5 Kavitha M.Sc,B.Ed Teacher VI to X Science – Biology, Chemistry TGT
6 Venkateswara Rao B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher VI to X Mathematics TGT
7 Sandeep M.A, B.Ed Teacher V to X Telugu TGT
8 Ajay Yadav M.A, B.Ed Teacher VI to X Hindi TGT
9 Manasa B.Tech Teacher I to X Computers TGT
10 Venkata Ramana B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher VI to X Physics, Maths TGT
11 Nagya Naik B.Sc, BP.Ed P.E.T I to X Physical Education TGT
12 Prameela M.Sc, (B.Ed) Teacher I to V EVS & Science SGT
13 Sunitha B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher I to V Mathematics SGT
14 Hema Prabha M.A, (B.Ed) Teacher I to V English & Social Science SGT
15 Sumitra B.A, HPT Teacher I to V Hindi SGT
16 Naveena B.Sc,PGDCA, professional courses (Cambridge University) British Council Co-ordinator of ISA & Primary Life Skills & British Council SGT
17 Aarti Kaware M.L.I.Sc Librarian I to X Librarian SGT
18 Sandhya B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher III to V English & Science SGT
19 Mytri MCA, PPTC Teacher Pre-Primary NTTS
20 Sireesha Inter, PPTC Teacher Pre-Primary NTTS
21 Sushma B.Com, PPTC Teacher Pre-Primary NTTS
22 Usha B.Sc, PPTC
The student body is broadly divided into four ‘houses’. These houses plan and organise extra-curricular activities which help in preparing students to face the public while being good listeners. Each house has a co-ordinator teacher and other assistant teachers to help in activities. Some of the students are appointed as leaders to instill leadership qualities in them. The responsibility of conducting various programmes like, the activities for the morning assembly, special functions for celebration of various festivals etc., are delegated to their houses and they do it successfully.