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Rajadhani school offers residential facilities for boys ranging from the 4thGrade to 10th Grade. Staying options include two types of residential rooms a) Dormitories housing 24 students each b) Independent rooms housing 4 students per room.
Each student has regular laundry services and a mess which serves 4 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

Specialised Tutoring

Special Tutoring for 3 study hours.
Sports coaching – Professional level coaching in Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Football……
Music and dance – Classes in classical and contemporary forms of music and dance forms
Yoga and wellness – Guidance in correct yoga asanas and postures, meditation and breathing techniques.
Computer courses – Basic training module in computer awareness and programming
Coaching for Maths, Science, English Olympiads – Specialised preparation for entrance examinations for IIT

Health Care

Group of doctors from Ameya Life will come and complete all the investigations in the beginning of academic year and provide the reports on the website of Ameya Life